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“Kind of Like You” (online)

"Archie had never had a girlfriend. Up until a certain point this had not seemed unreasonable. In high school he had been called a dweeb, and although he more or less accepted this stereotype of himself..."

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Building a Website-Jumping In!

OK, here goes. Finally building a blog/webpage with the indispensable help of the Finn Master, until he headed back to college . . . yikes!! However — and here’s a shout out to WordPress — they make it possible, for anyone with a reasonable grasp of all things webby, to do this. So if you are thinking of building a website, or, really, a blog, yes you can!

More content to be added over the next months. In addition to news of story publications, I’m thinking of a “Critter Sighting” page for those of us who see all manner of wildlife in and around us, the chipmunks, the coyote, the snake, fox, and that oh so weird black bird of death I ran past, its huge body covered in iridescent black feathers, its head straight out of the crypt, and when it turned sideways I could see straight through its nostril . . .

“Hurricane Season” (print)

"Reaching beneath the front desk in the lobby of The Palm, Marit retrieved her white patent-leather purse and rummaged around the interior for her lipstick, Cerise Rosee...."

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“The Suitcase” (print)

"The leaves cascade down, weightless, golden slips of foil peeled from a child's chocolate coin. Henry can't remember ever having eaten one of these coins, and yet he knows somehow that they would be waxy and tasteless..."

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“My Father’s Walk: Remembering Richard Moore” (print)

"...I had followed tantalizing pathways suffused with light, and I knew that on the other side of a broken rule lay a new way of seeing the world."

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