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“A Matter of Time” Selected for Anthology

My short story, “A Matter of Time,” has just been selected for the anthology Up, Do Flash Fiction by Women Authors, coming out in 2014 and edited by Patricia Flaherty. The anthology  will be published in both book and e-book formats, and the project will publish “risky, raw flash fiction that reveals a slice of a full-bodied character’s emotional life … reflect(ing) the broad spectrum of women’s experiences.” (from the blog Writing Women)

I’m excited to have been selected to be part of this groovy project!

“Coyote” (print)

"It was a warm, sultry night in early July when Emily heard the coyotes for the first time. She woke to the sounds of dogs barking, and as she struggled to rouse herself from sleep, she wondered if a neighbor had left their Cocker Spaniel or Labrador outside..."

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Quiddity Has Arrived

Quiddity International Literary Journal,  Vol. 6 No. 2, has just arrived with my short story, “Coyote,” on page 128. The editorial and design staff have done a gorgeous job with the layout of the magazine, and the pieces I’ve read so far have an edgy mysticism, a kind of breaking through that strains at the boundaries and radiates in unexpected moments of transcendance.

The front cover, for example, titled “Act of Creation,” by John Nester, looks like an image from the Hubble Space Telescope, but it is, in fact, a stoneware fired ceramic platter. Distilling beauty through the wormholes of the universe, straight to your table.

This is a print publication, so you can either order it here, or contact me directly.