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Debut Novel Sneak Peek

June Colter, 17, equestrienne in the one-ring Byrd Family Circus, thunders around the ring on horseback. When she’s not performing, June studies in secret, helped by Jeta, an aged Romani drabarni, June’s mentor and friend. Defying her parents’ wishes, June dreams of going to school to study science and biology.

When Shai, with his quiet intensity and easy smile, appears in his beat-up van before starting art college in the fall, June’s carefully constructed world falls apart. Events are set in motion that will challenge her belief in her family and herself as she dares dream in ways she never has before.

As June struggles to break free from the stories that twist themselves around her heart, will she find the courage to claim her destiny, one not decided for her by others, but chosen for herself?


Tania Moore is an upmarket literary fiction writer whose debut novel is coming to the end of a long submission process. Her Pushcart nominated short stories have been widely published in literary magazines.

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The Waiting Time: You’ve Signed with Your Dream Agent. Now What?

You’ve finished your book and braved the querying trenches. You’ve signed with your dream agent, who has begun the process of submitting your novel to publishing houses. It can take months for responses to start coming in from editors, with no guarantee that there will be a publication contract at the end of it.

What do you do in this time of limbo and uncertainty, the waiting time?

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