Thanks for stopping by! I’m excited to be hard at work on my current project, domestic suspense with a twist. Check out the links to short stories published in a variety of awesome literary magazines below. I look forward to sharing more news in the coming months!


June Colter, 17, equestrienne in the one-ring Byrd Family Circus, thunders around the ring on horseback. When she’s not performing, June studies in secret, helped by Jeta, an aged Romani drabarni, June’s mentor and friend. Defying her parents’ wishes, June dreams of going to school to study science.

When Shai, with his quiet intensity and easy smile, appears in his beat-up van before starting art college in the fall, June’s carefully constructed world falls apart. Faced with truths that challenge her belief in her family and herself, she dares dream in ways she never has before.

As June struggles to break free from the stories that twist themselves around her heart, she must find the courage to claim a destiny decided not by others, but chosen for herself.


“West 256th Street and Valles Avenue,” (print) The McNeese Review (Volume 55, 2018)

“The Day the Linden Fell,” (online) Menda City Review (Issue 31, Summer 2017). Read it here.

“Fairway,” (online) riverbabble (Issue 31, Summer 2017). Read it here.

“Ray’s Juice,” (online) Foundling Review (Issue 1, March 2016). Read it here.

“Toroid,” Pushcart nominee (online) Pithead Chapel (Volume 4, Issue 9, September 2015). Read it here.

“Ordinary,” (ePublication and audio broadcast) The Flexible Persona (Issue 2.12, June 2015). Read it here.

“The Corner of Nutley Ave,” (online) Cleaver Magazine (Issue 10, Spring 2015). Read it here.

“Match,” (print) The Madison Review (Volume 36, No. 2, Spring 2015)

“Perfect,” (online) St. Sebastian Review (Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring 2015). Download the free pdf and read it here.

“A Matter of Time,” (print & ebook) Up, Do Flash Fiction by Women Authors (anthology, published by Spider Road Press, March 2014)

“Cambridge Friends,” (online) About Place Journal (Volume II, Issue IV, A Civil Rights Retrospective, February 2014). Read it here.

“Off the Curb,” (online & print) Crack the Spine (Issue 94, December 2013) & Crack the Spine: Spring 2014 (anthology, March 30, 2014). Read it here.

“Coyote,” (print) Quiddity, International Literary Journal and Public-Radio Program (Volume 6, No. 2, Fall 2013)

“The Messenger,” (print) Kestrel (Issue 29, Fall 2012)

“Thief,” (online) The Other Journal, An Intersection of Theology and Culture (December 13, 2012). Read it here.

“Kind of Like You,” (online) Opium Online Story Edition (August, 2012). Unfortunately, Opium has closed. You can, however, read “Kind of Like You” here.

“Hurricane Season,” (print) The Westchester Review (Volume 5, 2011)

“The Suitcase,” (print) Sheepshead Review (Volume 32, No. 2, Spring 2011)


“My Father’s Walk, Remembering Richard Moore,” (print) Light Poetry Magazine (Nos. 66-67, Autumn-Winter 2009-2010)


“The Messenger,” (print) SIBLINGS: Our First Macrocosm (anthology, published by Wising Up Press, July 2015)

“A Matter of Time,” (print & ebook) Up, Do Flash Fiction by Women Authors (anthology, published by Spider Road Press, March 2014)

 “Off the Curb,” (print) Crack the Spine: Spring 2014 (anthology, published by Crack the Spine, March 30, 2014)