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Students are invited to explore a form of their choice including short stories, memoir, non-fiction and poetry. All are welcome, and the only requirements are a desire to write, a generous heart towards one’s fellow writers, and the courage to share one’s work, knowing that it will be received with care and respect.

During the first part of class we discuss student work. In the second hour students are invited to free write from a prompt, or they’re welcome to use the time to develop a work in progress. The class concludes with a group share, which is surprising in the best ways! Everyone is given detailed feedback and individual attention.

Topics include voice, point-of-view, narrative arc, dialogue, and how to create dramatic, high-stake scenes.

Stories Alive! strives to create a fun, inspiring and supportive environment in order for each writer to meet his or her goals. For some this might mean providing structured time in which to write. For others it might mean offering personal feedback or freeing up the creative process. For those writers who would like to take the next step towards publication, individual strategies can be developed to achieve this goal.

Workshops are conducted over Zoom and run in six-week sessions.


Individual or semi-private consultations are available. An hour meeting includes a close reading of student work with written comments. Bring your writing to the next level! Get feedback on structure, voice, pacing, and all the elements that go into creating an exciting, compelling piece of writing.

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“When I told my teachers I wanted to be a writer, a lot of them encouraged me to lower my expectations and to be more realistic. So I rode away on my magical, winged horse, spraying faerie dust behind me, and laughing manically as I went.” ― M.E. Vaughan

Set your imagination free, create space for your writing and discover the power of your voice. Stories Alive! offers a dynamic, warm and supportive environment for writers of all levels to explore their craft and create exciting, polished pieces. 

“Where do I begin to tell you how much this class has helped me as a writer! Tania so skillfully created an environment rich in diversity and genre where I felt supported and safe to explore and challenge my own writing. I learned so much from a craft perspective, and the group became a community of friends who were truly interested in moving everyone forward. This class is a gem and a rare find.”

Peggy Belles

Author of the poetry collection Peace in Pieces, yoga instructor, retired Police Lieutenant and founder of Peggy Belles Transformational Consulting

“Tania offers just the right blend of encouragement and guidance. She has a gift for identifying our strengths and helping us increase our effectiveness as writers. I’ve loved this opportunity to work with her and other group members, a journey I look forward to continuing.”

Karen Rockwell El-Badry

“After a career in the UN, I wanted to recount stories of living abroad through memoir.”

“Stories Alive! has helped me dig deeper as a travel writer, multi-layering with material that’s compelling and showing personal moments of vulnerability readers can relate to. Tania has a knack for developing a sense of camaraderie among workshop participants. Not only has my writing become stronger but I’ve gained new friendships in the process.”

Dorothy Maillet

Travel writer

“Stories Alive! has enriched and deepened my writing and gotten me back on track to complete a manuscript I’ve been fiddling with for years. Tania’s kindness is tempered by a profound understanding of craft. I will continue to take this class until my project is done.”

Katharine Gates

Author and curator

“I believe that when the student is ready the teacher appears, and you certainly did. Thank you for all your support. It’s been an amazing journey!”

Nancy Napoli

Memoir and short story writer

“I had thought about ‘becoming a writer’ for a while, and the Stories Alive! Workshop came into my life at just the right time. Tania brought together a diverse group of writers, whom I found to be incredibly interesting and supportive. We learned both the elements of craft and how to appreciate all forms of writing, including poetry, which I had always found intimidating! I’m deeply thankful to have had the opportunity to share among such a welcoming group and to have learned from someone as compassionate and talented as Tania.”

Susan Van Sciver

Fiction writer who blogs at

“Tania, your comments and thoughtfulness have been so inspiring. You’ve taught me to keep my writer’s antenna up at all times. I find myself, thanks to you, thinking about great first lines, suspense, negative space, and more!”

Arlen Gargaliano

Cookbook author, educator and fiction writer

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