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“Ordinary” Accepted by The Flexible Persona

I’m over the moon that my short story, “Ordinary,” has just been accepted by The Flexible Persona, coming out soon! The Flexible Persona pairs literary works with accomplished composers from around the world, and I can’t wait to hear what music the editors choose for “Ordinary.”

Recording the story was quite the adventure. I had made a podcast once before, for Quiddity, so I was familiar with the Audacity software. While it’s a brilliant program, it’s also rather harrowing for those such as myself who are figuring it out as we go, trying not to record over ourselves or press a button and have the entire shebang evaporate into the cybersphere. Luckily the editors were helpful, suggesting, for example, that I purchase the very cute and reasonably priced “Snowflake” portable USB microphone.

One additional challenge I encountered was that “Ordinary” is told from alternating points-of-view between a male and female voice. It just didn’t sound right having the same female voice (me) read the part of the creepy, sad David Berger. What’s a girl to do? Cautiously, I approached my fantabulous, but not particularly performance-oriented husband, and he graciously, even enthusiastically agreed to read the part of David Berger.

After a few glitches, such as having to change out of a pair of pants that crinkled violently into the hyper-sensitive, oh-so-cute Snowflake every time I moved, or figuring out how to turn the manuscript pages without unleashing a sound not unlike swarms of aphids munching on paper fiber, the recording went well. We shall see!

I am delighted to have discovered The Flexible Persona, and I recommend the magazine to anyone who would like to explore this fun, innovative format. Listen to a story while you chop onions, fold laundry, or simply sit back and relax.

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